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      Loud exulting shouts from the Cychreans hailed his words.Champlain bade farewell to his garden at Quebec, where maize, wheat, rye, and barley, with vegetables of all kinds, and a small vineyard of native grapes,for he was a zealous horticulturist,held forth a promise which he was not to see fulfilled. He left one Du Parc in command, with sixteen men, and, sailing on the eighth of August, arrived at Honfleur with no worse accident than that of running over a sleeping whale near the Grand Bank.

      "Ah, ladies, but if we should have to make this house a field hospital, with all the dreadful--"

      The End

      Lyrcus assailants let their weapons fall and looked around them in surprise. They were already outflanked by the young chieftains men.


      "Yes, I know," said Anna--After waiting a few days, and saving a few more stragglers from the marsh, they prepared to sail. Young Ribaut, though ignorant of his father's fate, assented with something more than willingness; indeed, his behavior throughout had been stamped with weakness and poltroonery. On the twenty-fifth of September they put to sea in two vessels; and, after a voyage the privations of which were fatal to many of them, they arrived, one party at Rochelle, the other at Swansea, in Wales.



      The story is soon told, replied Phorion. But come here, boy. Push the tables aside, brush the bones and fruit-skins away, and bring wine, wine! I am dying of thirst.Constance smiled: "Do you?"